Babalon Rising, from House of Ecstasy Productions

Image of Babalon Rising, from House of Ecstasy Productions


"Babalon Rising is not laced with magick as I suspected, but rather IS magick. Sensuality, poetry, music, psychedelia, and invocation come together to create a powerful ritual, which is so intense that I broke out in goosebumps and decided to take a breather the first time I watched it. I didn’t return to the ritual until Shiva assured me that the conclusion of the film would bring me back out of darkness and into the light, which proved to be true."

What happens when you invite a goddess to your party and she actually shows up? This unique erotic film takes you on a journey through a magick ritual invoking an ancient Goddess.

BABALON Rising is a rich tapestry of sensual imagery and a lush soundscape featuring music by Wendy Rule and Land of the Blind.

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