House of Ecstasy, by Kala Joy

Image of House of Ecstasy, by Kala Joy



I am Kala Joy and as my name suggests, Creative Bliss is what turns me on the most. I discovered the art of poetry at the age of five and have been madly in love with the form since.
Over the years, poetry has helped me to fully express my love for Nature, new ways of being in the world, Love, Beauty, and the world of lovers that surround me. In my book House of Ecstasy, I explore my love for sensual and sexual liberation.

This book is a sensual feast ripe with imagery from Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Human Form and everything in between. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed allowing the words to flow from the world to my mouth. These are poems meant to be spoken, listened to, experienced as music from my lips to your lips. My heart to your heart. My soul to your soul.

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